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Real life cover is a new type of cover-all insurance

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> Real life cover is a new type of cover that combines a range of protection. Compare the whole market and save up to 40% on your real life cover.

This is an increasing popular type of life insurance that includes life cover, income protection and critical illness cover. Not everyone needs all of this cover so have a read to see if it fits with your circumstances.

What is Real Life Cover?

Real Life Cover is a new type of protection insurance offered by a number of the larger life insurance companies in the UK.

We all have to think about our family and loved ones who are financially dependent on us, as what will happen to them if the unthinkable was to happen to us? This is the reason that so many take out term life insurance, so they are looked after in their time of need.

However this cover does not provide any financial benefit while a person is still living but has been rendered incapable of working due to illness or injury. There are other protection plans available which can be of help in these times but the increased costs make them unrealistic for most of us. The real life cover plans is a winner because it provides the benefits of life cover, critical illness cover and income protection cover.

Main Benefits

The advantage of real life cover is that it is a combination of life insurance, income protection and critical illness cover in a single policy. The person who opts for this cover has to a pay a lot less than they would have paid if they had chosen life cover merged with the benefits of critical illness and income protection cover. When a person is unable to work it protects the family from financial turmoil at a time when they are most vulnerable.

Main Drawbacks

On the flip-side, the main problem of the cover is that the policyholder will not get anything if they do not make a claim, instead the policy will simply expire unlike some life policies that include a portion as an investment. They critical illness cover will also not include all known cancers and heart conditions, so be sure to read the small print and discuss what is not included with your advisor.


The choice of the cover is always only dependent on your specific needs. The possible choices are life cover, critical illness cover, income protection cover or a plan that incorporates the benefit of some of them.

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Guest article: Written by David Turner.

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