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Whole life insurance may be the best foundation for you to make your financial strategy on, allowing not only for your spouse and children at your death, but also providing you the flexibility to assist meet various financial needs all through your life. When you make a decision to get whole life insurance component of your overall financial policy, you are assisting to protect your family’s long-term economic security at your death. That’s why the death benefit beneficiaries or your family receive can assist pay expenses at a very difficult time.

Whole life insurance also lets you to borrow against cash value of the plan while you are alive – also referred to as “living benefits.” Cash value of whole life insurance policy, which gathers on a tax-deferred basis, can give an important economic safety net should you requires it. Money can be borrowed from the plan for any purpose, such as education funding, supplemental retirement income, emergencies or business expenses.

Whole life insurance is only life insurance plan that offers guaranteed level premium, guaranteed cash value and guaranteed death benefit —and the possibility to earn dividends. It’s a flexible product which can meet a range of protection needs. One thing you should remember that loans reduce death benefit of your plan and loan interest should be paid in order to prevent lapse.

Save Money with our Online Calculator

Whole Life Insurance Cash Value Calculator helps you work out accurately how much cover you would have to get with the purpose of repaying your debts, providing some financial help for your family and partner and covering your funeral and other costs. This assists you work out how much money and life insurance you actually need.

Life insurance cash value is simpler to calculate on some plans than it is on some others. If you have a conventional whole life insurance product, the calculation of cash value is relatively easy. If your plan is a variable or universal, it becomes a little trickier. You can estimate these values with the Whole Life Insurance Cash Value Calculator. For variable products, study fluctuations of the market assist you know as the cash value increases.

Protecting the economic security of your family with life insurance is a responsible and caring act. It is also a significant step in helping to safe their financial future. Apply this tool to obtain an estimate of your life insurance cash value. Then, talk to a Financial Professional for assist in determining the accurate amount of life insurance to protect those you care most.

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