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Death insurance is a must-have purchase if you have a family or a home

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Nobody likes thinking about dying, but if you have a family or even just a mortgage then it makes sense to seriously consider buying death insurance.

What is death insurance?

Death insurance is another name for life insurance. This insurance provides benefits in form of cash to the members of the family or the survivors upon the death of an individual if they are insured. It is very common that after the death of the earning member of the family the other members of the family are hugely affected both in terms of personal loss and finances for mainly two reasons which include the cost of last expenses and the sudden drop in the family’s income. They have to cut down their expenses and make drastic changes in their lifestyle in order to cope with the slumping financial situation of the family.

Main benefits?

The principal function of death insurance in the past was to manage the funeral expenses of the policyholder, and such insurance still exists. But the concept has completely changed over the last few years. The death insurance helps in maintaining the regular lifestyle and expenditure of the survivors of the family of the policyholder. They also are not at risk of losing the family home, which sadly happens in a number of cases. The insurance is highly beneficial for people who leave behind partners or parents who are not working and so are financially dependent. It can also be utilised as an investment and converted to cash at a later point in case of cash value life insurance.

Main Drawbacks

In spite of the many advantages, there are some drawbacks too. In case you cease to pay the monthly premium, you will no longer be covered by the insurer. Sometimes the premiums become too high so it is advisable that premiums should be chosen after a lot of shopping around. It is not possible to cash your policy in times of economic crisis, but this has not been the case recently even with the problems in the city. To claim the money in some cases can be very troublesome, although this is not usually the case. However, you can check the pay-out rates of the top-providers, simply ask your death insurance advisor who will be happy to help.


An alternative for death insurance can a prepay funeral expense policy where you arrange everything for your funeral in advance so that your family is not needed to bother about the final expenses. Also instead of insurance you can open a savings account and deposit whatever you have from time to time so that your family has a quick access to your money.

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Guest article: Written by Susan Walters-Smith.

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