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Confidential life insurance is not a common type of cover but it can be crucial

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> Confidential life insurance is crucial if you have a financial interest in someone else. Compare the whole market at once and save up to 40%.

If you have a legitimate interest in another person financially then you should look at the possibility of taking out confidential life insurance.

What is confidential life insurance?

Many a times a person has a financial interest in another person, for example a business partner or even a surrogate mother, who is uninsured. In case of any ill happening to occur to such a person may not be only emotional for you but it can also have huge financial consequences. The third party may have its own reasons for not being insured but you should always be knowledgeable about the effects any accident will have on you.

If you absolutely cannot persuade the other person to get life cover, you can insure them without them even knowing about the existence of any such protection cover. This is known as confidential life insurance. It is a new concept in the field of life insurance, and there are only a handful of providers at the moment. There should be a document to show that you have insurable interests with the other person. The insurance does not require any medical examinations and must be renewed on annual basis.

Main benefits?

The insurance scheme is highly beneficial for those who are involved in contracts or deals where an individual has financial interests linked with a third party. A few examples can be cited such as divorce settlements, movie productions, venture capital deals and surrogate mother contracts. It can also be used in case of bank loans, business buy outs or business buy in, investors etc.

Main draw-backs

The main drawback of this kind of policy is that if the insured person comes to know regarding the policy, it can be troublesome for both the company who provided this facility and the one who did the insurance. Secondly, it can be misused by someone to wrongly earn money. There are a number of such cases reported, and as a result these policies are closely monitored by the industry.


Another life insurance policy that is similar is the Key Person Life insurance where a key person of any company is insured as their loss may spell doom over the company. The best alternative however is to persuade the person to get insured with comprehensive life cover.

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Guest article: Written by Jonathan Wilde.

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