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Have you ever thought about holding a life insurance that gives you a payback after you have signed a 30 year life insurance agreement; nowadays it’s very common to hear young people say that they would choose this type of insurance because they prefer to receive this benefit because they can’t afford a full and permanent life insurance whether it is too expensive or they afraid wasting their money in something they would probably not receive back ever. So think about a policy term that allows you have your money back for every payment of the premium policy you have spent along these 30 years.

Imagine you are 30, and you signed such policy and immediately you pass to a list of policy-holders, who will have the same benefits as you, stated in the paperwork or documents. Then, by the time you’re 60, when your insurance policy is expired, you will receive the premium payments that you paid in a 30 year period or duration of the insurance policy. But you may ask, how does it work? Well, you pay monthly without missing any installment and if you pass away anytime during these 30 years, the insurance company will be the main beneficiary, they will cancel the insurance plan, because the objective is to reach alive and comply with the 30 years policy in order to obtain the benefit. In a normal insurance policy, you are not able to get your many back even if you are still alive.

It’s an insurance policy to think about hardly before you take it, because, as any other policy agreement, there are exceptions and exclusions you must check clarify until you come to an agreement with the insurance company. If your intention is to live well and healthy beyond the 30 years period your insurance cover, then, you have to pass by medical examinations and exam routines to be eligible for such agreement. As any other policy term, there are exclusions and conditions one must comply with during a short period of time.

Once again, this type of insurance does not offer an increase over your cover investment or a cash value, they just promise that if you maintain healthy and reach until 60 years old you can collect your money, if not, and die before the agreed term policy or before the expiration,, the insurance company will collect your money as main beneficiary.

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