Life Insurance for Business Owners

What business owners need to know about getting life insurance

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Just because you are a business owner does not mean that you are not able to get great life insurance cover for a low price.

Life insurance for business owners

Business owners have to think about life insurance a little differently to employees. As a business owner you aren't provided a life insurance policy by your employer, and have a number of people depending on you if the worst was to happen and you we're unable to work or even died unexpectedly

Most people agree that running your own business is not as easy as working in a company. You have a lot more responsibilities on your head, and running a business is extremely stressful. There are approximately 4.8 millions business owners in the United Kingdom, and life insurance should be a purchase they all make

Life cover designed for business owners

However,all these business owners do not have valid life insurance policies. In addition to that, some do not even have an insurance plan. When a person is alive, the benefits of an insurance policy are not very apparent. However, the people who are dependant on you would require financial assistance after your death. Even if you have a stable business, it may collapse as there will be no one to take care of it when you are not there. A life insurance plan helps you in a lot of different areas. Your children would be able to continue their education and your spouse would not have to struggle to pay the bills.


Reports state that a lot of business owners die due to accidents. You should always consider the worst option because sadly medical treatments do not always work. If you are severely injured, the chances of losing your life are high and that is when you need financial assistance the most. Insurance plans can be personalised in a lot of ways. If you are suffering from a serious disease like high blood pressure, this can be tailored into your particular policy

Affordable life insurance for business owners

Life insurance for business owners is considered on a case by case basis, and as such we recommend that you speak to an expert. work with life insurance advisors who specialise in cover for those who run their own businesses, so complete our form and we will advise you of your options and find you the best quote available.

Guest article: Written by Sarah Jameson.

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