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ageas Life Insurance

Ageas is the new name of Fortis insurance, who are most famous in the UK for their protection insurance such as life insurance. Ageas continues the tradition of providing award-winning personal and commercial insurance to over 7.5 millions customers.

One of the main considerations when buying life insurance is “will they be around in the future to pay out?”, you can be confident with a company the size of Ageas who had gross premiums of over £805 million in 2009 and over 4,000 employees in the UK alone.

Ageas will also continue to be the parent insurance company of household names such as RIAS, Kwik-Fit insurance services, Tesco Underwriting, Text2Insure and InsureTECH. In total Ageas consists of 9 businesses, and provider of general and life insurance solutions.


Ageas is a strange name but a huge amount of time, and no doubt expense went into it. This is the statement the company made about their rebranding: "This change of identity is a logical next step in our evolution from bancassurer to international insurance company. Our new name confirms our rebirth as a new company, but one that will benefit from past experience and the professional expertise concentrated within our group." The chosing of lower case letters was deliberate, apparently to appear softer and demonstrate a willingness to listen whereas the as at the beginning is a reference to assurance, which will remain the company’s area of expertise and focus.

Fortis Life, who provide the life assurance products, will rebrand later in January 2011. The rebranding will not affect the excellent life cover they provider or indeed the service.


Ageas is Belgium’s largest insurer and now operates in 14 countries world-wide, their roots can be traced all the way back to 1824 and the company AG Insurance. Formerly known as Fortis, it was one of the 20 largest companies in the world before the break up in 2007 during the turmoil of the financial markets. The company received over 11 billion euros as it was considered too big to fail by the Belgium government.

Fortis Insurance International, which is an entirely owned subsidiary of Ageas, is a big player in the UK market. They are the third largest provider of vehicle insurance in the private sector and the fourth largest provider of travel insurance.

Types of Life Cover

As one of the life insurance providers in the world it comes as no surprise that they offer a comprehensive range of protection products, so you can tailor your life insurance around your particular needs. The flexible plans allow you to change the amount and length of the policy.

YourLife Plan

The most common plan: this offers term assurance, critical illness cover, income protection and family income benefit. You can adapt this flexible plan to your requirements and choose just one cover if that is all you need. Alternatively you can group them all together into one comprehensive protection package.

Real Life Cover

Not the only company to provide real life cover, as it is becoming more popular each year. Real life cover is designed for customers who know they need more than simple life assurance; it contains many optional extras that are often deemed too complicated or expensive. One example would be unemployment insurance, which has been very popular in these uncertain times.


Since there re-branding there are no reviews on our favourite review site – However, Fortis Insurance is represented and has good reviews. If you have any experience please follow the link and leave details to help other customers. On the whole fortis, now ageas, are highly thought of and well respected.

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