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PruProtect Over 50 Life Insurance

PruProtect is a popular brand name of Prudential. They specialise in protection products such as life insurance and particularly plans targeted at those aged over 50.

PruProtect has partnered with Saga to provide the Saga Guaranteed Life Insurance plan. As well as offering peace of mind this gives you the chance to provide financial help for your loved ones when you’re no longer around to support them.

Over 50s life insurance is guaranteed to pay out a lump sum cash payment when you die and if any UK resident aged 50 to 85 can take out the cover immediately. There will be absolutely no intrusive medical check and the insurance company will not contact your GP. The different over 50 plans are very flexible and do not require ask related questions. And, the best part is that only the policyholder has the right to cancel the policy.

About the Company

PruProtect is a very young company, or brand, but is a leading provider of insurance packages in UK. The company came into the existence in 2007. The company is basically a subsidiary of a joint venture between two leading insurance companies in the world, which are Prudential and Discovery. Both of them are a leading insurance provider in a number of countries all over the world. The collaboration between the two giants took place in 2004.

Apart from over 50s life insurance, the life insurance company offers numerous other packages and products as well. The two most sought after products of the life insurance company are Serious Illness cover and Income Protection cover. Unlike other Serious Illness cover packages, where the plan covers more or less 30 conditions, PruProtect Serious Illness covers more than 150 conditions for their Comprehensive plan, and around 100 conditions for their Primary Plan covers. Similarly, they provide excellent Income Protection policies as well. The company has won numerous awards; some of them are Defacto 2010, Life Search and Protection Award 2009, Online Finance Awards 2008, Covers Excellence Awards 2009.

History of PruProtect

Although the PruProtect brand was founded in the year 2007 the parent company Prudential dates all the way back to 1865 making it one of the longest-standing insurers in the world. There is no doubt that the reputation of the two big companies Prudential and Discovery have given their customers a huge amount of confidence, as is required when you take out a life insurance policy because you need to be sure the underwriter will be around in the future to pay out. Currently, the company has around 200 employees, and most of them are highly motivated and targeted on offering excellent customer service. The company continues to have a strong foothold in the United Kingdom as well as continuing to grow across the world through strategic partnerships and acquisitions.

Other types of life insurance they sell

Apart from over 50s life insurance, they offer a few other types of life insurance covers as well. For the victims of HIV, the company has come up with unique package. Term life insurance: they offer both level term life cover and decreasing term life cover which are the companies most popular plans. These can be used to provide for the policyholder’s family as well as make sure that mortgage repayments will be paid off if they are no longer around to pay them. We recommend considering term life insurance as it is such good value and offers great protection particular for those with a family.

PruProtect Reviews

As a very large and successful life insurance company, it is not hard to find a review. They have an enormous customer base who in the majority are very happy with their protection plans and the competitive prices. If you do have experience of their over 50 life insurance plans then please do take the time to write some comments at reviewcentre and help other potential customers.

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