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HSBC Over 50 Life Insurance

HSBC offer a wide range of insurance products including life insurance for over 50s. This helps any UK resident aged over 50 to leave behind a cash lump sum payment for their family and loved ones to help pay any unpaid bills and help with funeral bills.

Most Over 50 Plans available today offer guaranteed acceptance and no medical examination is ever required which means that the insurer will not contact your GP or make you answer a complicated and intrusive medical examination. Despite this you can take out cover for a very affordable price.

Details of the Company

The best thing about HSBC Life Insurance is that it is very flexible when it comes to providing its various product offerings to meet your personalised requirements. You have an option of a brilliant combination of health with unemployment cover or sickness and accident cover. Customers love the fact they can pick and choose different types of cover so they know they have protection but are not paying for something they don’t want. HSBC also takes the initiative of comparing their cover and quotes with the present insurance market so that they can provide the best prices.

History of the Company

Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation now popularly known as HSBC was founded in Hong Kong in the 18th century, by a Scotsman who was trading between Asia and Europe. Ever since its inception it has spread out all over the world now proudly encompassing major continents and countries in Asia, Europe, Middle East, north and South America.

Its headquarters are in the Docklands in East London, which is the newer financial district. It provides financial services to a near 100 million customers across the world through its major services such as Personal Financial Services, Commercial Banking, Global Banking and Private Banking.

Other Important Insurance Plans

Life Insurance is just one of the products offered by the company. HSBC has a gamut of other finance related services as well. Its pet and car insurance services can be best tailored to suite your immediate and long term needs. A number of options available under HSBC Life Insurance include LifeChoice which can be procured when a person dies or is expected to die in 12 months.

This is a fixed term policy which can be procured from a number of providers. There is also the SicknessChoice which gives you half your monthly salary in case you are not able to go to work due to an illness. This feature is very distinctive of all the other providers.

There is also the option of UnemploymentChoice which again gives you half of your salary in case you are jobless for more than a period of a month. TraumaChoice is beneficial when one gets a serious terminal illness which may be life threatening.

Review of the Company

With its strong financial base, the company is undoubtedly one of the most trustworthy financial services providers and have a good track record of offering excellent customer service. However, since no reviews are available on the website reviewcentre. If you have any experience of their over 50 assurance then please take the time to leave a review.

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