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Axa Over 50 Life Insurance

Axa started as a very small financial institution and today, it is a truly global insurance company that provides insurance policies for millions of customers around the world.

They specialise in life insurance for customers aged 50 years old and above. Anyone aged between 50 and 85 can apply for an Axa Over 50 Plan. This type of cover is ideal to ensure the safety of your family and loved ones even after your death. These insurance plans will be useful to cover the necessary expenses such as funeral costs and administration fees.

Details of the company

The company is one of the leading ones in the field and is of French origin and has its headquarters in Paris. It has assets spanning close to a hefty €708 billion. It currently has about 135,000 salaried employees. The current CEO is the highly regarded Paul J. Evans. The company made a profit of about €3.6 billion in 2009 when the average income in the same year was about €90 billion. They have a presence in almost every country with Western Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and Middle East being areas of major business. They also provide facilities for the management of investments apart from insurance and pension policies that it is known for. On the basis of revenue, it is the 9th largest company according to the ranking by Fortune Global 500.

History of the company

The company can be dated back to 1816 and of course was much smaller than it is today, which is the company’s pinnacle. When it was founded, it was named Mutuelle de L'assurance contre L'incendie and was later changed to Mutuelles Unies in 1978. The company was christened AXA after the company’s buyout of Drouot Group in 1982. The group bought many other groups and acquisitions are a large reason for the phenomenal growth. Major buyouts include Guardian Royal Exchange, Swiss insurance company, Winterthur Group and a few other groups. In 1996, the company was called AXA-UAP.

The name was chosen by a consultant outside the firm and is not an abbreviation as commonly thought. The main idea of selecting this name was to speak it out easily in any language. The company has managed to survive the recent financial problems and emerged in a strong position to continue its impressive growth.

Other life insurances policies

Even though the company specialises in providing life insurance for older customers, it is also well known for other products such as:

  • Student car insurance policy: Special policy for students owning cars.
  • Home insurance: Helps to get your sweet home secured.
  • Health insurance: Covers up the amount that you had to spend on treating alignments.
  • Review of AXA life insurance for 50 year olds

    The review onreviewcentre is rated 1.8/5. There are two reviews on the page. One is in favor and the other is against. The review can be viewed at reviewcentre. You can also put in your own review on the website to help other customers. These need to be taken with a pinch of salt though as those who are very happy with the service rarely take the time to go out of their way to write comments. On the whole the company is well regarded and their over life assurance is extremely competitive in terms of cover as well as price.

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