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Aviva Over 50 Life Insurance

Aviva over 50 life insurance plans have never been more popular. Many different types of policies mean you can tailor them to your particular needs and pick the exact amount of cover you need.

The main aim for taking out an over 50 plan is that your family will be able to cope financially even after your death. Moreover, the money will be extremely useful to meet the funeral expenditure and makes the life of your loved ones easier.

About the company

Aviva is one of the leading firms when it comes to insurance and pension policies. The company catapulted into the top spot by the introduction of various insurance policies and pension plans around 30 years ago. The company was founded all the way back in 1797 and is now regarded as one of the most popular insurance companies in UK as well as all over the globe. They are headquartered in United Kingdom and are probably more famously known as Norwich Union which was bought out by the larger company. Rating agencies indicate it company is the sixth largest and is functional in almost 28 countries. The company is valued about 379 billion Euros and has about 53 million customers globally.

The company employs approximately 54,000 people scattered across the globe. The company also specialises in pension plans, which are currently being marketed heavily on television. The advertising campaigns have made the shortlist for the transform awards in January 2010. The company is known by different names in different countries, for instance, it is called Aviva direct in Ireland. Currently the company has an income of about 1.3 billion Euros each year.

History of the company

Aviva was set up by Thomas Bignold in 1797 and this insurance company was established by merging two other companies, Norwich Union and CGU plc. The name is relatively new and was introduced in 2002. Before that it was called Norwich Union. In 2006, the company extended its empire in the USA by buying AmerUs group, a financial support company that was established back in 1896. The company spent around one billion Euros on re-branding it. The company also provides facilities for managing funds and for long term savings, which makes sense with their focus on pensions. The company is listed on the New York stock exchange. Aviva is also the sponsor of Norwich Country football club since 2008 and sponsors UK Athletics. The company sold its management business to National Australia Bank for a sum of 400 million Euros in 2009 but has managed to survive and thrive through the recent financial turmoil.

Other life insurance plans

Many other insurance plans are provided by the company apart from insurance for people above 50 years of age. A few of them are:

Car insurance: Helps you get money for damage caused due to car due to accidents.

Health insurance: This policy meets the expenses in case you are hospitalised.

Special insurance plans enable to make your investment grow.

Review of their over 50 insurance plans

The review on reviewcentre.com scored an average score of 2.2/5. According to the reviews, the insurance has its pro and cons but is worth trying. You can take a look at the reviews at reviewcentre. You can visit this link and add your own reviews too.

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