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Asda Over 50 Life Insurance

The insurance plan for 50 year olds and above from ASDA will definitely attract many with the low monthly premiums starting from £5 per month which is approximately 17p per day.

All the plans provided under this scheme makes sure that your family will be backed financially even after your death and provide you with peace of mind. The money received will be useful for the family to cover funeral costs and any other debts left behind.

About the company

The company is one of the largest supermarkets in the world and among the first that began providing insurance and other financial policies. The company has its shares listed in the popular share markets of the world including the one at New York. The company is well known to provide its customers with discounts when it comes to the monthly premiums of the insurance that they have chosen. The company not only sells insurance products but also offer credit cards and loans. It is also well known for many savings account plans that it has introduced for children. This includes plans like Youngster Bond Extra and Child Trust Funds. ASDA is currently shortlisted for The Best pet insurance award for the year 2011 and has won a number of awards for customer service. The company has grown a lot since its initial stages and has become a lot more successful in the recent years especially with the boom in the insurance field.

History of the company

The finance part of the company was set up in 1998 and started its business as a retail online store. The popularity of the firm grew so very rapidly and it was purchased by Wal mart in 1999, owing to this success. In 2006, the ASDA group launched financial services both online and in their stores. There are not many products that are offered by this relatively new financial section of the group. They few facilities that are offered are Child Trust Funds and Credit Cards, Car Insurance Home Insurance, Travel Insurance, Life Insurance, Mortgage Life Insurance, Over 50s Life Cover, Pet Insurance. The financial part of the group has to catch up and has yet to be known to the larger masses who still use high-street banks for most of their finance needs. ASDA entered the financial arena by offering insurance policies before moving onto credit cards and other facilities.

Other life Insurance products

Other life insurance provided by ASDA includes:

  • Plans that require the customer to pay far less than what he gets back on death.
  • Savings life insurance plans that helps to multiply your investment in a short span of time.
  • Pension plans that ensure a steady income after retirement.

Review of life insurance

The review posts from customers are not satisfactory, but it isn’t fair to make an assessment on such a small number of opinions especially when they are always the most motivated to comment. You can check the review and also add your own one at link . The document was unrated. There is only one review on the website and complains about the poor care that is meted out to the customers, but best to take it with a pinch of salt. If you have experience of their life insurance, good or bad, please take the time to leave your comments and help other people.

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