PruProtect Critical Illness Cover

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PruProtect Critical Illness Cover

The Serious Illness Cover offered by PruProtect covers as many as 161 different illnesses, and is one of the best policies available to provide peace of mind for you and your family. In their Comprehensive Plan they cover the full 161 illnesses and a total of 100 illnesses in their Primary Plan, thus providing cover for partial illnesses as well as disabilities.

The amount each plan will pay out is paid depending on how severe the illness is and how it affects you and your life. They also provide an option of extending the period of the cover if it has not been claimed before.

You are also entitled to pay low premiums every year without having the need to reduce the cover.

About their Plans

The company is owned by two huge names: Prudential and Discovery. There are three types mainly available at PruProtect, one is Life Cover, second is Serious Illness Cover and the third is Income Protection Cover. It has received a number of awards for its outstanding services with regard to Insurance in the financial sector. Defaqto has given the company a five star rating for Critical Illness Stand Alone 2008 and 2009, Critical Illness Level Term 2008 and 2009, Critical Illness Decreasing Term 2008 and 2009, Income Protection Stand Alone 2009. It has also won a Health Insurance Award in 2009 and 2010 for Best Individual Critical Illness Provider. It is famous for the unique Vitality Programme which leads to towards a healthier life by making you engage into the simple exercises of daily fitness where you can earn points called Vitality Points like Bronze, Silver and Gold gradually moving to premium discounts and other rewards.

About the Company

The company has good financial strength and is genuinely interested in helping people secure their financial futures and leading a happy and secure life with their family. It has the support of the giants Prudential and Discovery which serve as strong pillars on which stands the innovative and enterprising company PruProtect. These two companies have a strong track record of being the best in the health insurance market with its child company. Each customer is provided with a personal financial advisor who acts as an important instrument at all the stages of the plan. They explain all the critical information that you need to know, guides the customer through the entire procedure and also helps to claim the amount later. There is assistance provided on the phone as well as online to all the customers. The employees are known to be very prompt in rendering their services and extend immense support to the customers every time a need is felt of the same. The company prides itself in this very inspiring and motivated attitude of the management as well as the employees.

Reviews of PruProtect Serious Illness Cover / Critical Illness Cover

Reviewcentre, an important website that helps you know the opinions and reviews of other customers who have used the products and services has no listing of PruProduct’s serious illness cover specifically. However, the website of the company provides a wealth of important and essential information with reviews of satisfied customers. The consensus has to be that they offer comprehensive plans at very competitive rates. If you have uses them please take the time to leave comments and help others.

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