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Aviva, previously known as Norwich Union, are one of the largest provider of protection products such as life insurance and critical illness cover. They allow you to put insurance in place so that you know you and your family will be able to cope financially if you we’re diagnosed with a specified critical illness.

The success of the Aviva Critical Illness Cover plan has led to the company actually increasing and improving the cover. It now proudly provides £2,000,000 worth of cover. The availability of the policy is for a longer period now and there is considerable broadening in the way these policies are defined.

Some of the important characteristics of Critical Illness Cover include:

  • Its availability with Mortgage Life Insurance and Term Assurance. In case of the former, it could be both, independent or integrated, whereas in the case of the latter, it is only integrated.
  • After an option is chosen, one moves on to select the level of cover and the term of the plan.
  • There is a special provision for children as well in the critical illness cover plan itself.
  • The cover is provided for the illness defined and selected in the plan only.
  • Details of the company

    Aviva is a huge international group in savings and investments. It ranks fifth as the world’s largest insurance group. It proudly expands overseas as well providing valuable services to its 50 million clients encompassing a vast geographical area comprising of Europe, North America and even Asia Pacific. It provides general insurance, life insurance, pensions and investments to a leading majority of people in the UK. Its products reach its clients through a number of mediums including brokers, IFAs, corporate partners, sponsors and online service. They are proudly the largest general insurer in the UK today and household name. The future of the company looks promising because of its continuous commitment to excellence in customer service and its comprehensive and competitive plans. They also managed to get through the recent financial turmoil unscathed whilst other insurance groups had to have large bailouts.

    History of the company

    The history of the company can be traced as back to the merger of Norwich Union with CGU in the 18th century. However, the name Aviva was christened only in 2002. The progress of the company multiplied because of its strong holding in the United States in 2006.

    In 2009, it severed the trading name of Norwich Union and became known as Aviva formally and professionally. A number of ventures were initiated in the year 2009 including the focus on commercial insurance sector.

    Other Plans offered by the company

    Level Life Insurance: their most common plan that is an easy way to help provide financial support for your family or to cover an interest only mortgage if the worst was to happen. Decreasing Life Insurance: a common plan to provide cover for a decreasing mortgage or loan that reduces over time.

    They provide a variety of other life insurance plans including identity theft protection plans, pet insurance that takes cares of all requirements if you own a pet, personal accident insurance and business insurance largely aimed at small and medium sized businesses around the world. Travel and Home insurance plans are also its major strengths.

    Reviews of the company

    The company was rated at 4/5 and as the best company for critical insurance plans in UK. For further details you can log on to reviewcentre. Its online service program has special discounts and a number of offers for all kinds of people. This feature has made it likable amongst a wide number of customers. If you have experience of their service then please take the time to complete a review to help people looking to take out protection insurance.

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